Terms & Conditions

About our Adenium seeds:

  • The seeds we sell are 100% guaranteed to come from the adenium nursery here in Taiwan. The percentages of them that grow into common PINK color are lower, because they all are hand pollinated. Those fresh seeds are harvested within last 2 months from the mother adenium shown on the photo. However, please do understand, we are not able to guarantee they will grow exactly like the mother adenium after flowering. Especially for multi-petal varieties, they're more unstable than single-petal varieties. Normally, offspring flowers will have a 40% - 70% chance to become a multi-petal variety. On the contrary, single petals are much more stable, such as red, white and white with red border coloring.
 Adenium Seeds

We provide Phyto Certificate for plants and seeds

  • Since 2018 October. All the plants that ship to European Union countries will be required by the EU to include an additional declaration on the phyto certificate.  The handling fee, covering this additional testing for this declaration is $20 USD and will be applied per order.

  • Before purchasing plants/seeds. Please DO make sure the specific import regulations of your country. And let us know If there's any additional declaration needed to be listed on the phyto certificate.  If plants/seeds were detained or destroyed by your local customs, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SUCH DAMAGES.
    We are not the expert on the import regulations for all the countries at all times, as they often change. If a buyer hasn't mentioned about adding any declaration on the phyto certificate, the phyto certificate will not have anything listed on it.
    If these policies are not agreeable, please know we are unable to serve you.